About A&U

Amity & Unity was born from a love of fashion, fur, champagne. I had a desire to feel challenged, meet new interesting people and have fabulous adventures. I felt my children were at an age where I wanted to show them how to follow their dreams rather than just tell them. 

I strongly believe that if an animal is been euthanised as a food source that we should make sure to use the whole animal as best as we can therefore it 
is very important that all of our fur is a by-product of the food industry. 
This journey has lead me down many unexpected roads, I’ve learned so much and continue to do so and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people along the way. This has culminated in proudly created pieces that are truly beautiful, elegant and timeless.

Fur has always been synonymous with opulence, luxury and status. There is an empowering feeling of ‘having made it’ when you wear glamorous things. It goes hand in hand with old Hollywood starlets wearing furs and diamonds and modern day fashionistas wearing all the latest from fashion houses. We all aspire to experience at least a small piece of that glamour. There is something to be said about the feeling of walking into a room feeling glamorous in your own way. Maybe it’s the shoes you’re wearing or a bag that you love or just a gorgeous shade of lipstick that makes you feel amazing. Every woman should have that moment. At Amity & Unity it is our privilege to be part of that journey.

Combining the opulent glamour and the natural comfort  it is no wonder why we feel so amazing when we wear fur. It is natural and will not only last generations when properly cared for but will eventually biodegrade. 

 It is my dearest hope that each piece you purchase will not only find a special place in your wardrobe but also your heart. That you not only wear your fur to all of your most treasured moments but also in your every day life so that in years to come your fur will evoke memories of your life’s journey.



Victoria xx