Why Fur?

At Amity & Unity we have always had a deep love of fur as, not only does it feel and look luxurious, it is also incredibly long lasting and sustainable.  As a conscientious society it is understandable that we are concerned for animal welfare. So, what are the main concerns regarding fur? And conversely why should we purchase fur?

All of our Fur is sourced from certified farms of non-threatened species.

The animals must not be mistreated. Furthermore, the farmers must take pride and great care of the animals’ nutrition and living conditions that they are farming as their livelihoods rely upon high quality fur.

Fur should be a by-product. Wearing fur is as old as mankind and it makes sense that in a meat-eating world we should use the whole animal. If the animal is already been killed for its meat then the fur should be used also. It is no different to the leather industry that supplies bags, shoes, leather lounges etc.

Nothing is left to waste and just about any and every part of the animal is used for things that you probably don’t even think about. Let’s name some. Tallow is used in cosmetics such as eye makeup, lipstick, makeup bases and foundation. Gelatine is found in creamy cosmetics and nail treatments. Lanolin is in lipsticks and makeup removers. Keratin is used to strengthen hair. Glycerine is in soaps, toothpastes and fragrances. Allantoin is found in creams, deodorant, sunscreens, lipstick and hair dye. The list goes on but you get the picture.

Faux fur has been touted as the better alternative to real fur however the synthetic fur is derived from petroleum which is a non-renewable resource and both the extraction and manufacturing are damaging to the environment. Not to mention anyone who’s ever owned a faux fur would know that , depending on how often you wear it, you will generally get between one and three seasons of wear before it looks ratty and it needs to be thrown in the bin contributing to landfill issues.

A real fur jacket is incredibly long lasting and can be passed down as an heirloom. A vintage fur can be taken apart and remade to reflect current trends. Lastly, fur is biodegradable.